10 sites for women who touch themselves


What a time to be alive


"Here we are, in a time when feminism and gender issues are in the media more than ever, the conversation around female sexuality is happening all the time, and still, mainstream production companies keep creating the same boring stuff and are managed by the same kind of narrow-minded men.”- Feminist adult filmmaker, Erika Lust

Masturbate to:

Beautifully filmed porn...with a storyline

Laid Magazine
Erotic art

Unbound Magazine
An online resource for rebellious women

Four Chambers
Artistic pornography

Lucie Makes Porn
Real pleasure, empowered women, natural bodies

Hysterical literature
Women read classic literature while getting off

An honest, informative, research-based approach to women's pleasure

Masterbate with:

Wildflower Sex Shop
Dominatrix turned sex shop owner and educator (with some seriously badass branding)

Womyn’s Wear
Voted #1 Best Sex/Erotic Shop in The Westender’s annual Best of the City (Vancouver) survey

Crystal sex toys

To learn more about why changing the conversation around female sexuality and porn is important, watch this: Hot Girls Wanted: Turned On

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