The Jackalope

Every decision, ever


“What are the chances?” has become a catchphrase for coincidences and a moment to acknowledge a nod from the universe that, perhaps, you are exactly where you’re supposed to be. Coincidences alert us to mysteries hiding in plain sight and challenge us to live in anticipation of extraordinary happenstance. To rationalize why any coincidence happened at all, involves a snarl of threads and decisions, a chaotic collection of circumstances and chains of events that, if attempting to untangle, only leads you to keep falling further back and back and back until the beginning of time where you are confronted by the absurdity of your very existence and how improbable it is that this moment came to be in the first place. You didn’t simply decide to turn left or right; choose that coffee shop; buy that ticket; switch seats or talk to a stranger; which led you to meet that person, see that thing, or change your life, so much that you listened to an instinct; an inner pull that can be traced back through every decision every person before you has ever made. The jackalope means following an outcome that doesn’t yet exist but has the possibility to if you’re brave enough to choose clarity over certainty. It means living suspended in a state of unknowing with a readiness to peel back layers of preconception in relentless pursuit of truth -- your truth. The question is not where this feeling comes from, but why we notice the ways threads of our lives intersect at all, but not all the time. You only see what you’re looking for and often before you realize it’s what you need. And so that’s why the amazing thing is not that these things occur, it’s that we notice them at all.

Have you seen the jackalope?