It’s the easiest way to find your people in a crowd because they’re the ones in a purple crewneck with the words ‘girls who say fuck’ in the middle.

Merch can be intentional or it can just be a piece of fabric with arm holes. Which is why we really debated whether or not to put it out into the world. When we started envisioning what it could actually mean, the same scenario popped up, one where someone else wearing the same sweater walks into a room or passes you on the street, and you can’t help but smirk. That split second when two people cross paths, is what ultimately convinced us to do it. We’re always working to lift the veil between strangers and friends. Sometimes that’s through conversation and other times it’s through a smirk, a nod, a nonverbal fist-pound. No four-letters have been interpreted, censored, shouted with as much vigor, or landed with such a thud as fuck. It’s a malleable word that carries its own weight and forces people to pay attention. It’s a guaranteed conversation starter, whether it’s a ‘fuck that’ or a ‘fuck yes.’ Zoom out, and it could just be a purple sweater, which might not be for everyone...but that’s the point.

By purchasing this purple crewneck you're also helping fund the projects behind Girls Who Say Fuck.