Girls Who Say Fuck, in real life. 

Men Who Take Baths Art Show 

Feminism is about equality. And we wanted to know how to include men in the conversation. So, we put 11 of them in a bubble bath and asked the same six questions. 

1. Where do men fit in a “future is female” world?

2. What does being a man mean to you versus what you’re told being a man is?

3. How do we raise boys to be men who view women as equal?

4. How can women involve men in the feminist movement?

5. How do you speak to other men in your life about women?

6. Why did you say yes to doing this?

We believe that it's important for this conversation to continue offline. Experience the complete gallery of photos and engage in this discussion in real life. 

Drinks are included. We hope to see you there. 

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